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We offer all itineraries and routes diving safari in the Red Sea, Egypt.


Join us on our 7-night, 8-day Diving Safari in the Red Sea in Egypt. Safety is our first priority. You can choose your itinerary, and our professional dive guides will organize an all-inclusive dive week, including airport pick-up and drop-off.

Our concern is always to make sure you had a good time being out in the Red-Sea diving with us, to make sure it worth it, and for sure to make sure you coming back again.

Diving in the beautiful Red Sea around Egypt has many sites to explore. Our program is based on four simple things to do daily: Dive-Eat-Sleep and Repeat. 


Your main reason being out in the sea is to dive, Diving Safari Egypt team is here to choose the best dive sites and make plans to do the dive; you only need to kit up and enjoy the dive plan.

The number of the dives during the whole week is between 18 to 21 dives depending on the route. 


Three delicious meals every day, snacks between dives, and all hot/soft drinks included on board.

 The food is freshly made by our Chef on the boat and served always warm. Fruits and fresh juice are also available between the dives or between the three main meals.


The cabin is two separate bed cabin room, Each room has own toilet and shower, towel, AC in each room. 


Once we finish with the diving day and dinner, we have nothing else to do but repeat, or have a nice evening up on the sundeck with other guest on board, with a nice drink in hand enjoying the view.

     Thank you for your time and hope to see you in our beloved Red Sea soon. 



giannis D wreck

North & Wreck Diving

The northern Red Sea in Egypt has some of the most famous wreck-ships and reefs all over the world.

-The SS Thistlegorm.

The legendary wreck from the time of WW II.

-Abu Nuhas (Copper Reef) with the four wrecks, Carnatic wreck, Giannis D wreck, Chrisoula K wreck, Kimon M wreck.

-Ras Mohamed.

The most famous national park in Sinai,  classified as one of the best 10 reef dives all over the world includes many beautiful stunning dives like shark and Yolanda, where you can easily dive the reef wall and see the remain of the Yolanda wreck with the toilet seats and bathtubs.


The strait of Tiran is also combines a beautiful chain of very famous reefs system.

Jackson reef, Thomas reef, Woodhouse reef and gordon reef.

-Gubal Island (small gubal)

Ulysses and the Barge  is another nice wrecks to dive and see under the water, and The Rosali Moller. depends on the weather and the trip condition.

 Close up of scuba diver underwater

North & Brothers

on this week we will do the normal Northern tour and we going to navigate south heading to the Brother Islands to spend one or two days diving around the Little and the Big Brother Islands, Diving around the brothers is always stunning with the varieties of the soft corals and the very alive and colorful coral walls, also being there under the water has a great chance to see big marine life swimming under the water, Such you can be lucky to spot the (Fox) Thresher Shark, Gray Reef Shark, Hammerhead Shark, and sometimes Whale Shark or Manta Ray passing by.

The big Brother Island has got two big wreck-ships also laying under the water

The Numidia and The Aida wrecks.

The Brother Islands located 42 miles away from the shore to the east direction from the Egyptian red sea coast.

 scuba diver swimming underwater

South & ST. Johns

On this week the journey starts from Marsa Alam,

St John’s is a favorite place among fans of multicolored reefs and beautiful underwater landscapes, through lovely gardens, to tunnels, corridors and caves and local coral formations. The night dives are also unforgettable, it is a perfect opportunity to see a Spanish dancer, St Johns area has eleven different dive site, we try to cover as much as we can, after 2-3 days we heading back direction North to the area of Fury Shoals (Sataya area) where we do 1-2 days diving with a big chance to see Dolphins or to do snorkeling with the Spinner Dolphins. Then we heading more further North to make another stop by El Phinstone Reef where we have a good chance to see the Oceanic White Tip Shark or the Longimanous.

 scuba diver swimming underwater

Brothers, Daedalus & El Phinstone

Brothers Islands or El Akhaween well known with the amazing soft coral walls and the beautiful marine life with a great chance to meet sharks under the water.

The Brothers Island are two tiny Islands, Big Brother and Little Brother with one mile in between.

Daedalus Reef or Abu Kizan, the Reef is huge rounded shape Reef with the light house on the top of the Reef, The reef is very famous with the scallop Hammerhead and some other sharks as well.

The distance between the Brothers Islands and Daedalus Reef is 100 mile.

El Phinstone Reef is very famous Reef close to the city of Marsa Alam and well known also of the Longimanus or the Oceanic White Tip Shark.

Advanced Open Water Diver or 40 logged dive is recommended for this trip.

 scuba diver swimming underwater

Fury Shoals & El Phinstone

The trip starts from Marsa Alam to do check dive & heading right away to Fury Shoals spending couple of days between the different Reef system around the area covering Claudia, Malahi, Abu Galawa soraya & kabir, Sataya and shaab Maksour Reefs.

The Fury Shoals offers different types of Reefs and favorite area to do night dives.

Sataya or the Dolphin House is cool to visit to spend a while Snorkeling and swimming with the wild Spinner Dolphins.

El Phinstone is anyway on our way back and still an option to be done of course. 

This trip is excellent for relaxed divers, landscape under the water, macro marine life, photographers and night dive fans.

for any more infos please contact us by mail or WhatsApp. 

Please notice: The final route decision and the dive sites will be discussed onboard and is depending on the weather conditions, time of the year and Egyptian regulations regarding the time of the trip.
Thank you
Underwater Scuba Diving


Had Aly as a guide for a week when me and some friends were in Egypt on a liveaboard. fantastically knowledgeable guide and incredibly nice welcome from the time we got on the boat until we were back in harbour. Can warmly recommend Aly and his colleagues.
See you soon! 


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Help us to keep it clean

Join us and help to clean up the ocean and to keep it clean please :)
The clean up day we offer free diving to join us at this day clean up the underwater environments :) 
We could not be more excited for the International Coastal Cleanup (ICC), which will take place every year on September 21st. As the largest single-day ocean cleanup event in the world, the ICC is not only near and dear to our hearts, but also something that takes a lot of work to get ready for! 
The International Coastal Cleanup is right around the corner! In less than two weeks, hundreds of thousands of volunteers will come together to pick up trash from coastlines and waterways all across the globe. When it comes to our ocean, marine debris poses a serious threat to wildlife, ocean-based economies and coastal communities alike.

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